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The Dangers of Moss and Why You Should Act Now!

Moss itself is harmless. It does not produce any dangerous spores or fumes, it contains no poisons or irritants and it lacks the mass to physically damage any structures, including roof shingles. The danger of moss lies in its ability to retain moisture. When moisture like rainwater or humidity settles on a roof, it typically air dries before it can linger for too long. When moss covers the roof, however, it can trap the moisture, preventing it from properly evaporating.

When excess moss growth causes moisture to remain trapped on a roof, the shingles themselves can weaken and rot over time. If you ignore the moss on your roof for years at a time, you may significantly shorten the lifespan of your roof. The moisture actually softens the porous material, leaving it with a much higher vulnerability to elements like rain and wind.

Lincoln Moss Removal’s Effective Cleaning

If you have noticed a substantial amount of moss growing on your roof you should consider the long-term damage they can pose to the integrity of your roof. But you shouldn’t worry. This is where we come in. Our services include jet washing services, pressure washing and roof moss all of which ensure that your roof remains structurally healthy.

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