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Patio Cleaning

Offering the very best in Lincoln eco friendly patio steam cleaning, high-pressure patio jet washing, our team only ever use the most appropriate patio cleaning methods to suit individual surfaces, this not only helps us to achieve immaculate results visually but also ensures that all patios are cleaned safely with a guarantee that no damage is inflicted to any part of the surface or surrounding pointing.

All of the patios that we clean at Lincoln Moss Removal are always left 100% sterilised upon completion, this is a vital step in any patio cleaning process as it prevents the return of organic growths including algae and moss, resulting in your surface staying cleaner for a much longer period of time. We offer free quotations for patio cleaning services, free consultations and even offer free test cleans for all customers upon request. Lincoln Moss Removal, providing the very best in professional patio cleaning near you.

Patio Steam Cleaning

When cleaning patios made from natural stone, unnecessary high pressure should never be applied to the surface. Although natural stone looks and feels hard to touch, if too much pressure is applied it can easily cause many types of damage including indentations to the stone alongside surrounding pointing and grout to be cracked or knocked out of place, this is often a common problem when using conventional pressure washers for patio cleaning.

Patio steam cleaning is an eco-friendly patio cleaning method that uses a combination of superheated water and extremely low pressure to delicately clean stone patios in the most efficient way possible.

Not only is patio steam cleaning a safe, eco-friendly patio cleaning method but patio steam cleaning in general offers an all-around much deeper clean as superheated steam is by far more beneficial than cleaning with cold water.

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