Driveway cleaning

What we do with Driveway Cleaing!

At Lincoln Moss Removal, we provide a comprehensive driveway moss cleaning service that will remove all moss by deep cleaning driveway before treating with our organic anti-fungal agent. This will kill off the roots leading to long-term protection against reinfection. Our moss removal service does not stop there. Before we begin any job, we will evaluate driveway. Removing moss from the driveway is absolutely necessary to guarantee the proper functioning of the water drainage. Our expert cleaners utilize professional equipment to safely yet effectively remove years of grime from your driveway.

Why clean your driveway moss- to make it beautiful!

A roof, driveway or patio moss removal benefits the saleability of your house. A house with a well-maintained roof, driveway or patio will be more attractive to a potential buyer than an identical house with a roof, driveway or patio that looks neglected.

Plus who doesn’t want their house to look beautiful?

If you wish to have your driveway moss removed give us a call or email use our contact information is below:

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